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We build the most reliable, easiest to maintain and safest products on the market.

Check out why companies who choose Sur-Flo systems get more value from their operations.

The fastest, safest, most user friendly meters on the planet.

Easy to use, safe and with available automation. Our Meter Runs are designed to be the ultimate in simplicity, with fast plate rotation and exchanges without interrupting flow.

We’ve cut down the entire system to six components, making it lightning fast to service and adjust.

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Innovation in control valves is about creating simplicity.

Manufactured in house and available in an assortment of purposes; our SF10V is a breakthrough in design simplicity and adaptability.

Identical body designs allow for easy replacement and switching
of valve types, and the bi-directional capability makes it even
more versatile.

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Tested in the harshest environments against tough abrasives, our turbine meters outlast and outperform anything on the market.

A paddle-wheel style turbine meter that has revolutionized the industry with it’s high durability and impressive accuracy. Parts can be swapped by simply pulling the components out the top, making maintenance fast and easy.

We are committed to building easy to use systems that reduce downtime whenever possible

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The Sur-Flo Flo Control Valve

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